How to Register a Domain Name

Gone are the days of the traditional .com,, and .net domain name extensions. It’s
become increasingly difficult in this overcrowded space to get the name that suits you. But with
the advent of new gTLDs (Generic top-level domains) the choice just got better! You can now
choose from over 370 new domain name extensions, for example :-


So your domain could be or for example (no .com
or on the end) just the actual extension.

Prices vary and the registration cost for one year ranges from $30 to up to $100 with an average
of around $50 – for specialist ones though you could pay up to $1,200 – i.e. .theatre is one of
those high-end extensions. You pay approximately the same price to renew it every 12 months
as well. To view the full list of available gTLDs domain extensions – click here, to get a quote on any of
these domain extensions – just shoot us an email with your preferred domain address to maria<at>

To check the availability of a domain name I would suggest using to do
your initial searches as they are authorized to register the most common gTLD’s for anything not
covered by them, feel free to contact me directly.

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