The Arena Community

Online Community for aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs alike, providing them with an online community for them to :

  • access online elearning courses
  • share their skills
  • find an accountability partner
  • join a mastermind group
  • share videos and material
  • like and share each other’s content
  • private message
  • online book club and monthly online group chat
  • join common interest groups
  • promote events via ticket sales or rsvp
  • find and invite friends
  • promote their products and services
  • engage in barter for products and services in the shopping mall
  • referral affiliate program
  • discussion forums
  • member subscription access to certain content

this site is feature-rich and was a great project to work on as it has so many elements that needed to come together seamlessly to give the user an immersive community experience.

  • Client: The Arena
  • Date: January 1, 2020
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